Welcome to Mosaic...

We are glad you are here, and invite you to spend some time getting to know us. Mosaic Church is dedicated to helping International Students in practical ways and to promote spiritual development for those who are curious or interested in Christianity and the teachings of Jesus. For those who become Christians and those who are already Christians, we provide equipping, discipleship and opportunities to serve in the context of the Mosaic family of faith.

Find true purpose, spiritual hope and joy in this life

Regardless of religious or ethnic background, Mosaic can help you discover true purpose, hope, and joy in this life through Mosaic Life Groups, which consist of no more than a dozen people. Gatherings of Mosaic Life Groups typically take place in International Students� apartments during the week. The number of people in each group is intentionally kept low in order to maintain an atmosphere of intimacy where you can freely investigate the claims of Christianity, grow in your understanding of God's plan for your life and experience fellowship with the Mosaic family.

Experience God's presence and blessings at Mosaic

Every Sunday in our ministry center, we gather to praise God, fellowship with the Mosaic family, and reflect on the teachings of the Bible. Our primary purpose is to equip Christian International students and engage them in ministry, giving them a vision for mission. Our goal is to help them to develop a Christian worldview and to experience �body life� in a context that is reproducible in their home country.

We also welcome non-Christian International Students from any religious background to learn what authentic Biblical Christianity should be -

Community service: Help our neighbors and live out our beliefs

Mosaic genuinely cares about the people in this community, and actively helps those in need. Our �Out of Church Experiences� put us into the community to �be the church,� not just meeting together on Sunday �at the church.� We serve the community in practical ways, working with our partner churches on service projects as well as directly serving the community and CSU campus. Please consider joining in our mission: learn more about Mosaic�s Community Service Programs.

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